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Favorite Blonde/Brunette Couples [4/5]

→ Bo & Tamsin

Captured in between takes on #LostGirl by Paulo Barzman


Two people that I’ll never tire of seeing together. (Anna Silk & Rachel Skarsten)

lost girl meme: [4/6] friendships » Dyson and Tamsin
↳ What’s with you lately? What, because you care? Very much.


I just felt like doing this before going to sleep…Valkyrie face dose

Give me love like her.

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requested by anon


Rachel Skarsten & Kris Holden- Ried & Paul Amos- Lost girl


People never seem to learn. Don’t mess with a valkyrie.

it will get better. it will, i promise. maybe not for a long time, but i will be there for you.