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ps fucking a ——- i don’t owe you anything. i rp for FUN. it’s a hobby, not a job. i don’t have to be here; i’m here because i want to be. i am under no obligation to rp with anyone and everyone. i ship chemistry, i write threads that i enjoy. end of.

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The greatest creature who has ever lived. <3 

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From seventeen to nine. Not bad, not bad at all. Off to find some dinner for me. If I had more stamina, I would marathon it until my gf wakes up. But alas I am weak and she’ll probably sleep for ages now. So book and bed it is for me. ^.^ 

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Expect No ‘Flinging’ {Paige & Tam}


"Well, it’s gotta be better than drinking alone, right?" she asks rhetorically. "You could do a lot worse company-wise." It’s apparent that she doesn’t want her around, but honestly she’s just in the mood for conversation. Maybe work their way to other things, but if not no harm done.image

"Hmmm." She tilts her head, as if considering. Finally she shrugs, shifting her weight so she can fiddle with the shot glass. "And you think you’re the right company for me?" Obviously, or the woman wouldn’t be standing opposite her. "…" Tamsin is waiting for the girl’s name, an eyebrow raised. 

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[ The Long Road Home ]


Kenz was on her usual stool, arms stretched over the bar, her head face-down between them. Once more she had gotten the “You’re too human to dance” speech from Dyson and Bo, and barring all argumentation, she’d been left behind. Again. An empty shot glass was flipped upside down in front of her when Tamsin sat. 

"When doesn’t she if it means she gets to go play Ram-Bo with DoucheDoggyDoggy." Sitting up, Kenz drummed her hands on the bar top and gave the Valkyrie a side long look. "Thaat was kinda mean - What’s up?


"That was kinda true." She counters, tossing Kenzi a sideward glance. Wow, she’s only been here a minute and she’s already siding with the human. This is going to be a great night. Maybe she should have gone to Vex’s club instead. There’s not exactly less humans there, but there’s less talking. 

Reaching over the bar, she grabs a bottle and a glass, not even acknowledging the glare she receives from Trick. He’ll charge her extra for being rude. But then again, money is not the only thing he’s taken from her over the years. “Riding out the boring nights.” Pouring herself a drink, she pushes the bottle to Kenzi. “You don’t have human bars you could hang out in?” 

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The vampire grins, pulling back and sucking her finger as well. “I’m going to make you scream.” Eurydice moved away to reach under the bed, pulling out the crop that she kept for these occasions. “So, don’t think I’m enough for you, huh?”


Shit. Should she relent? Assure Eurydice that she’s more than enough, obviously? That would require some form of self-preservation. “I think you try.” Tamsin purrs, eyes dark and a smirk playing on her lips. 

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"I’m never getting on my knees for you again."



"Never make a promise you can’t keep." 

Yeah well this one ‘m about te’ keep,”


"I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t." 

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"Looks like you’re a bit… tied up."



Send my muse one of the following!

"Haaa. That was so funny, I forgot to laugh. Could’ja untie me or are we going to have to do this the hard way?"


"Your help is appreciated.”

With a small roll of her eyes, Tamsin bends down, pulling a knife from her boot. The ropes are easy enough to cut, though they would have probably been inescapable otherwise. She straightens. “Do I get a reward from the damsel?” 

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"Well, that is a pretty name. I always like that name."


”..I think I like it just a little bit less.” 

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YAY! Finished my drafts for Kahlan. Super happy cause they were all ‘long’ ones. ^.^ 

"You have seventeen drafts here." 

…..SHUT UP TAM. >.> 

"Just saying." 

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Favorite OUAT scenesRegina + Rocinante in The Stable Boy

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 Genderbent Robin Hood
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rachel skarsten » april 23rd, 1985
happy 29th birthday

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WE LOVE YOU! [April 23, 1985]

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